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There are times in life when we experience something so incredibly beautiful that we feel overwhelmed. Something so spectacular that we want to remember the moment, the view, the feeling forever.

But how can you keep that remarkable memory from eventually fading away until you can barely remember it at all? Read on to learn how you can truly take in a moment for all its worth and remember it for the rest of your life.

1. Put Down the Camera

being present in the moment

Although a picture can be worth a million words, it’s rarely enough to fully capture the scene before you. No matter how expensive your camera is, viewing a photo later won’t carry the same effect as experiencing the moment in person. Let’s be honest: what picture of a sandy beach or a mountain range ever lived up to the real thing?

Overwhelming beauty is more than just a view. Photographs don’t save essential parts of the memory, such as the other four senses or the emotions that you have. So do yourself a favor and put the camera down. Instead, make yourself a mental memory.

2. Be Intentional

being in the moment

How many times have you seen something beautiful and taken it for granted, only to wish later that you had taken the time to memorize it? Instead of having this regret, be intentional about your observations.

Tell yourself in the moment that what lies before you is something to be remembered. Think about what you want to remember the most. Tell yourself “I want to remember this.” It may sound silly, but this simple action prepares your mind to be focused and alert, ready to take it all in.

3. Stay Quiet and Still

living in the moment

Get rid of all distractions so that you can focus solely on the scene before you. Closely observe every detail you can. What smaller things come together to make this entire view beautiful? What do you hear? What do you smell?

How does the air feel in your lungs? Are you out of breath from trekking to a mountain’s summit after a long hike? Or are you completely at peace, lounging as you view a setting sun?

How does this view make you feel? Empowered? Amazed? Joyful? What are the emotions that come to you in this moment that you never want to forget?

4. Take Note

being present in the moment

One thing I hate is being overwhelmed by thoughts and ideas when viewing something unbelievable only to forget them later. Sometimes, even the power of the moment isn’t enough to make our thoughts stick.

The solution? Write it all down! Grab a small notebook or open the notes section of your phone and make a note of every detail. Start with your surface level observations then go a little deeper, diving into your feelings and thoughts that emerge in the moment. This way, you will record the things you truly want to remember, a much more powerful memory than any picture.

5. Remember Who You’re With

being in the moment

If you are traveling with friends or family, you get the opportunity to share these memories with them. What do you find special about getting to spend this moment with them. What do these people mean to you and how will this memory forever be connected to them?

Choosing to share this moment can not only make it more special, but it can give you another person to help you remember it. Then, you’ll have a backup memory in case your own gets foggy.

6. Take Time to Reflect

living in the moment

The great thing about nature is that it’s more than just pretty beaches and sweet smelling flowers. It can impact us on a deeper level.

While you sit and observe the sights, listen to what it has to tell you. Take those original feelings that you are given and ask yourself why you feel that way. Is nature trying to teach you something about yourself?

Maybe these emotions relate to something going on in your life. Upon viewing the scene, do you feel pulled towards a certain decision that’s been hanging over your head?

Perhaps, after some deeper thinking, you will be given a new idea or revelation that can change your life. Be sure to listen to these underlying messages that nature has for us because they will be the most important memories of all.

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Maybe you’re reading this and feel like you’re missing out. Maybe you’ve had an inspiring moment like this before, but it’s been a while. Whatever your case, give yourself the opportunity to be encouraged by the world you live in.

Take a hike, a bike ride, a trip, a journey to somewhere you’ve never been. Put yourself out of your comfort zone. And when you start to hear nature speaking to you, choose to listen, and never forget what it has to say.


  1. Such an incredible message, some of my most favorite memories has been soaking up a view with you. Can’t wait to cherish many more memories of amazing places.

    1. after decades of traveling the world’s many splendors i think back of the moments being there and now can only hope i took the time to put down my camera and really just soaked it all in and just let it all amaze me. next time i will, i promise

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