how to find your calling

It wasn’t until I visited the mountains
That I could hear nature’s call.
That I could feel it’s heart beat pulsing beneath my feet.
Like a drum pounding its mountain song.

It wasn’t until I felt the power of a roaring river
That I could sense the water flowing through my veins.
The chill like an awakening.
Making me feel truly alive.

finding your calling

But how do you know when you hear your calling?
How can you tell when you’re living in a moment that will change your life?

To be honest, there isn’t one definite answer.
But this is how I knew.
This is when I found my destiny.

taylor untamed

You know you’re being called when the sound of traffic is muted
By the sweet song of the Evergreens
Surrounding you on a dirt trail.

You know you’re being called when you can’t take your eyes off the window,
No matter how long the drive,
Staring at those majestic mountains that tower above you
Because, let’s be honest, they never get old.

what is my calling

You know you’re being called when your reasons to fear,
The dangers that you face,
Are overpowered by elation at what lies ahead.

You know you’re being called when your back and arms ache,
The muscles strained after paddling through endless rapids,
And your toes sting from the freezing water splashing you relentlessly,
Yet you long for more.
The sound of the river like a harmony in your ears.
And your eyes fill with tears when it’s over.

how to hear your calling

You know you’re being called when you finally reach the summit,
Your lungs stinging from lack of oxygen,
And you know that this is where you belong.

So to the mountains, I say thank you.
Thank you for showing me my passion, my true purpose.
Thank you for gifting me with your never-ending adventures.
And thank you for welcoming me in.
To my true home.

taylor untamed

Have you heard your calling yet? Was there something in your life that truly spoke to you? Comment below!

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