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Active Guides Mental Wellness

The Perfect Shot: Effects of Social Media in the Outdoors

As an outdoor travel blogger, I am constantly interacting with others on social media to share my content and increase my following. But occasionally, I take a step back and ask myself, what am I doing this for? What is the real purpose behind each post? I desire to be an authentic travel writer, recording …

Active Guides Mental Wellness

Being Present: How to Really Take in a Moment

There are times in life when we experience something so incredibly beautiful that we feel overwhelmed. Something so spectacular that we want to remember the moment, the view, the feeling forever. But how can you keep that remarkable memory from eventually fading away until you can barely remember it at all? Read on to learn …

Active Guides Mental Wellness

How to Overcome Frustration When Trying Something New

Recently, I’ve been trying to find fun outdoor activities I can try close to home. Having always been interested in the sport, but never having the time to play, I decided to try playing tennis. I’ve never played competitively, but I felt like I knew enough basic technique to play on my own without any …